Questions That Make You Think
02 Dec 2020 admin

Questions That Make You Think

Sometimes you get lost in thought, and everything in your immediate surroundings seems to pause for a moment.


Whether you’re taking a drive, nodding unconsciously to the melodies of a song you’re unfamiliar with, reminiscing about memories, or just staring at an image without really focusing on it.


In those lonely moments, you realize life is just one big misery to unravel. But do you think about the things that matter? Or do you just spend the time daydreaming about things that might never be?


Let’s go through some thought-provoking questions that’ll make you challenge your inner self and lead you to find answers where you’ve never bothered to look before.


Philosophy Questions That Make You Think


Philosophy is a journey, a path people take when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world they live in, and their relationships with each other.


Here are a bunch of philosophical questions to get you thinking about life and everything it encompasses.


  1. Is it possible for a human to grasp the abysses of reality and existence?
  2. Is there an intrinsic order in nature or is it all chaos and chance?
  3. Is there anything in life that’s truly objective and not subjective?
  4. What’s your definition of subconsciousness?
  5. The chances of ALL your firmly and deeply held beliefs being true is zero. So, which of your beliefs are most likely to be wrong, and which are most liable to be true?
  6. Does life have a meaning? If so, what is it? If not, why do you think life has no meaning?
  7. Why do we have dreams?
  8. What does living a good life mean?
  9. What actions in your life will have the longest reaching effects? How long will those consequences impact you?
  10. Where do you find meaning in your life?


Deep Questions That Make You Think


Deep thinking can change the way you think, feel, and act. It can transform your life completely. To think deeply means to think beyond preconceived notions and ideas.


  1. What is the essence of reality?
  2. What is worse than failing, not trying?
  3. Do you think there’s life on other planets in galaxies far away?
  4. How is your life shaped by yourself or destiny?
  5. What will people’s eulogy about you be?
  6. What things are you holding onto that’s drawing you back?
  7. What metrics do you use in measuring success?
  8. How did human beings evolve?
  9. They say life is short. Why do you do a lot of things you don’t like, and why are there so many things you don’t do?
  10. Why do you render help?
  11. At what point in your life, did you feel most motivated?
  12. If you win the lottery, what would you look like in five years?
  13. If you had no idea of your age, how old do you think you’d be?
  14. Do you believe in love? If yes, do you believe in love at first sight? If no, why don’t you believe in love?
  15. What was the moment where you felt most satisfied?
  16. If you could restart your life over again, would you end up where you are currently?
  17. What is the one thing you do in a different way than anyone else you know, and why?
  18. What is the one job you would do if you would not get paid?
  19. What part of your everyday pattern do you think you’d be better off without?
  20. Can you ever do something truly selfless?


What Are Some Mind-Blowing Questions?


The moment we accept that we’re not always in control of everything that happens in life, a lot of things start to make sense. Life becomes an exciting journey of conscious agency.


Curiosity gears us and opens up our minds to new ideas that we won’t ordinarily think of. The following are mind-blowing questions to brood on:


  1. What is the essence of our existence?
  2. When we die, where do we go?
  3. Where do we go when we fall asleep?
  4. Are there different ways to experience consciousness?
  5. Do we imagine free will?
  6. Why do we yearn for a pattern to life?
  7. Why do we seek chaos?
  8. Why do we fall in love and love being in love?
  9. Could you ever live life without having told a lie?
  10. Can anything bring all human beings together and unite them?
  11. What does freedom feel like? Is it having the option to do what you want or the lack of constraint?
  12. Why do humans crave so much power?
  13. What is the best way to derive happiness?
  14. Why are we so scared of death?


What’s An Unanswerable Question?


Some questions are just so complicated that you keep pondering them repeatedly.


  1. What is life?
  2. If we enjoy wasting time so much, is that time truly wasted?
  3. If anything is possible, can something be impossible?
  4. Was “time” in existence before the universe was created, or did it come about to be later?
  5. Are people wary of those who claim to have answers or more skeptical of other skeptics?
  6. Can we figure out what’s truly good, and what’s truly evil?
  7. Is there anything like intrinsically terrible knowledge, or is the value of all knowledge neutral?
  8. Do you have much control over the course that your life has taken?
  9. Why are you where you are presently in your life?


What Is A Deep Thinking Question?


Think about the silence in those moments when you’re alone and your head is filled with a million thoughts running around for some meaning, anything at all.


A deep thinking question should poke at your beliefs, and any preconceived notions you may have about a subject or life.


  1. How did life on earth evolve?
  2. What lies beyond the things we see in the universe?
  3. Are there over three dimensions?


What Are The 3 Big Questions In Life?


Knowing the three big questions to ask in life can be relative, but it should bother along the lines of our purpose and reason for existence.


  1. Who am I?
  2. What is my purpose in life?
  3. Is there a life after death?



Thinking is the core of our existence. We need to fine-tune our thought processing skills and give room for higher quality thoughts, to get a glimpse of the big picture.


Knowing the right questions to ask is paramount to getting our thoughts right.