10 Feb 2021 Tonya

160 Date Ideas for Every Possible Scenario


Date Ideas


Dating sets the foundation of every relationship; it can make or break the relationship. Women love it when you plan a good night out or good night in; it shows them you’re interested enough to make a plan, and that effort is dedicated to her.


Dating is an art. You have to take into consideration the time, place, and setting of the date. There are also other micro details to think about, such as the music and the food.


In this article, we will walk you through date ideas for every possible case scenario. 


Fun Date Ideas


The definition of fun is different according to the personality. You have to have some kind of idea of the other person’s interests and hobbies. Some people are into sports, some are into parties, and some are good with just reading a book. Below is a list of fun date ideas for all kinds of hobbies.


1- Kart racing


This fun date idea takes off the pressure of talking, and it puts both of you in a light mood.


2- Ziplining

Ziplining is wonderful for those who feed on adrenaline. Not only is it for adventure junkies, but it also can be a great way to add some fun when you’re in a dull phase.


3- Arcading


Who said that arcading is only for kids? Adults sometimes need to be children and learn to let go and have some fun.


4- Horseback riding


How fun would it be if you got to enjoy your love for horses with someone else?


5- Bar hopping


Bar hopping should be honored as a tradition. Who doesn’t need two or twenty shots to blow off some steam?


6- Masquerade parties


You can never go wrong with dressing up as someone else. It’s exciting and it can spice up your relationship.


7- Karaoke singing


This fun experience will definitely get you closer to your date, even if you both sound like dying chipmunks.  


8- Go to a museum

Sometimes, all you need is the word of wisdom from our historical figures and passionate artists.


9- Meditation session


Yoga is a sexy sport; there’s no harm in getting a little sweaty together.


10- Truth and dare


Truth and dare is the ultimate legitimate game of asking each other all sorts of questions without coming off as interrogative detectives.


11- Dolphin show


It can be quite magical to watch these sensitive creatures together.


12- A couples massage


We bet that there’s nothing sexier than getting wrapped in seaweed together, or covered in mud.


13- Road trips


Just go ask your parents or grandparents what was their idea of fun before we were invaded by modern technology.  


14- Food tasting


Who said that food tasting is only for foodies? Unless you have a very sensitive stomach, trying out exotic foods together is a sexy experience. 


15- Travel together


It is said that you really can’t know someone unless you travel with them. Nothing is more exciting than discovering new places, new cultures, and new food.


16- Thrift shopping


Instead of going mall shopping, thrift shopping is a wonderful way to discover hidden gems together.


17- Drive-in theatre


There is something very romantic about watching a movie under the moonlight.


18- Cooking class


Cooking together is a fun activity, and as a bonus, you learn a new skill.


19- Pet shelter


Playing with homeless pets is a great fun activity that will only bring you closer to each other.


20- Haunted houses


Going ghost hunting can be very exciting; it’s a definite way to pump your adrenaline together.


Quarantine Date Ideas


Who thought that we would march in 2021 while we’re still under lockdown? The quarantine has taken a toll on our romantic relationships, whether it was because we spent too much time together, or too much time apart.


So, here are quarantine date ideas to get that spark back into your relationship.


1- Try out new recipes


Cooking together is an underrated activity. Some magic is bound to happen from all that chopping and sizzling.


2- Homemade mask facials


Creating facials and applying them to each other’s faces can be a fulfilling experience. Plus, you’d be doing your “maskne” a favor.


3- Build a treehouse


Most of us have more free time than ever, so why not use this extra time in building a treehouse that you and your partner can enjoy. Treehouses and wine? Just think about the combination.


4- Netflix binging


You can prepare your snacks beforehand and just get cozy with each other.


5- Treasure hunt

You can hide stuff around the house and draw a map; let the treasure hunt begin!


6- Baking


Baking has seriously become one of the sexiest traditions of quarantine. Who said that pumpkin pie is only a dessert for Thanksgiving?


7- Home bar


You can take turns in playing the bartender for the night. Create new cocktails, flirt with the bartender, and get seriously drunk.


8- Online shopping


You can purchase that trampoline that you’ve always wanted. Or, you can browse for kitchen supplies that you’re never going to use.


9- Never Have I Ever


You can spend this extra time getting to know each other all over again. A good round of “Never Have I Ever” does the trick.


10- Play computer games


Girls love playing computer games too. You can find a game where both of you can play online together.


11- Board games


There’s something very sexy about putting your partner in debt and seeing them go to jail while playing Monopoly.


12- Cook-off


Yes, many quarantine activities involve eating and we just love it, because it gives us a legit excuse to eat without feeling guilty. You can have a cook-off and decide who perfected this recipe.


13- Practice dancing


We bet that doing the “Cha Cha Slide” will bring you closer to your partner. Plus, you will be burning the extra calories.


14- At-home Karaoke 


You don’t have to do Karaoke in a bar; it can be just as fun to sing your heart out in the comforts of your own home.


15- Feng Shui


You’re spending all this time in your house; if your environment is messy, cluttery, and dirty, your relationship will be suffering from those things as well. A little Feng Shui would never hurt anyone.


16- Virtual night at the museum 


You can dress up, have some wine and just enjoy a virtual tour at any museum.


17- Hot tubbing


Okay, seriously, if you have a hot tub just use it. Put on some music, light a few candles, and pop that bottle of wine that you’ve been saving for a special occasion.


18- Camp in the backyard


If you have a backyard, you can set up a tent and turn off your wifi. If not, you camp out on the balcony.


19- Little casino 


Dress up really nicely and play a little game of Blackjack. A little gambling wouldn’t hurt anyone.


20- Go for a walk


Spending your time indoors can’t be good for your physical and mental health. Grab your running shoes and get going. 


Long Distance Date Ideas


Relationships are hard as it is without adding the extra miles and oceans. But, living in the 21st century has its benefits, because unlike our ancestors, we have more than a carrier pigeon to communicate with each other. 


Below are some long-distance date ideas that would bring you closer with your bae.


1- Virtual tours


You can both hop on the same virtual tour, in addition to your video call with each other. It would feel exactly like a date whereas you’re exploring someplace exotic.


2- Pillow talk 


There is nothing in this world more romantic than falling asleep together while you’re on the line with your bae. It would be just like they never left.


3- Coffee dates


Even if you’re miles apart, you can still get your morning or afternoon coffee together. You can chat and talk about your day just like you normally would.


4- Play games


You can play “truth or dare”, or “never have I ever”. It’s a great way to get closer to each other and get to know each other. 


5- Virtual game boards 


You can play online monopoly or online card games; the options are endless on the internet. 


6- Netflix binge sessions


Dedicate a movie night for both of you to enjoy, or you can pick a TV series to binge on.


7- Workout together


Seriously, working out together online can be very sexy and fulfilling. 


8- Love letters

Before your partner leaves, write them a bunch of love letters for different dates and different occasions. For instance, you’d have a love letter that they are not allowed to open until it’s Valentine’s. 


9- Brunch dates


You can plan to have brunch together, even if you’re in two different time zones. You can light up some candles and put on some music, just like you’re in a restaurant.


10- A night out


If your partner is traveling someplace new or exotic, they can take you on the phone with them to all the nice places just like you two are together.


11- Drink together


Just like you were in a bar, get some cocktails and get drunk together online.


12- Embrace your inner artist


You can paint together online, or just do something crafty like candle making or sewing.


13- Bookclub


For each month, you can decide on one book to read, and you can dedicate one day each week to have a book club session.


14- Plan your next trip


You can search for activities to do, places to visit, and new food to try. Planning out a trip together builds up anticipation and excitement. 


15- Pajama party


You can both hop in your cozy pajamas, and do your usual nightly rituals; it would be as if they are in the same room with you. 


First Date Ideas


First dates are first impressions; in most cases, first impressions set the tone for the whole relationship and they can be difficult to change. First dates can be nerve-racking due to the anticipation that comes along with them.


In this article, we will provide you with pretty impressive first date ideas so you can be well prepared.


1- Dinner on a boat


If you really want to impress someone and can afford it, take your date out for dinner on a boat. The sound of the waves and the moonlight will do the trick.


2- Go to a bookstore


If your date is book-warm then it might be a great idea to hit the bookstore for your first date. You can find many books to discuss; the most beautiful love stories started in books!


3- Attend a local festival


If your town is hosting a beer festival or a music festival you can have your first date there. You can have a drink, listen to music, and chat for a little bit.


4- Outdoor movies


If you’re one of the shy ones who makes a terrible first impression because no words can come out right, then take your date to an outdoor movie. It is romantic and it doesn’t require a lot of talking.


5- Go to a record store


We all have a couple of songs that speak to our souls. Ask your date what albums they relate to, or what their favorite song is and why. Sharing the love of music is one way to bond.


6- Go wine-tasting


Wine is wonderful because it puts you both in a great mood and makes you loosen up a little bit. 


7- Go to a wax museum


As strange as it sounds, wax figures are great conversation starters. You can discuss movies, actors, historical figures, and political leaders; the conversation topics are endless. 


8- Go to an art gallery


Art galleries are romantic by nature. What’s more romantic than art and wine?


9- Double date


Some of us are not naturally social butterflies, and it might be relieving to both of you if you go out on a double date; especially if it’s with people you both know.


10- Bar trivia nights


The smell of fried food, the taste of beer, the beat of the music. All three are great components for the perfect casual first date.


11- A night tour


If your date is new to town, or if you think you know good places that they’ve never been, you can take your date there as a tour. 


12- Go to a party


If you’re not one to talk, you can take your date to a party; it could be a party in a bar or a house party with your friends. It would be a bonus if you both know these people.


13- Tequila tasting


Tequila tasting and Mexican vibes are perfect for a night out and for a first date. 


14- Candlelight dinner


If you’re a bit short on budget and you’d like to have a decent date, you can cook at home and have a candlelight dinner. It’s extremely romantic and your date would be happy that you’re putting in the effort.


15- Farmer’s market


Farmer’s markets have good food and it can give your date this cozy vibe that would make them loosen up a bit.


Second Date Ideas


If you get a second date, then most likely your first date was great. A second date can either reinforce that positive first impression, or it can break the deal for good if they were giving you the benefit of the doubt. 


Either way, we will provide you with second date ideas that will sweep someone off their feet. 


1- Play pool


Playing pool in a bar gives you both an excuse to be competitive and flirty at the same time. You can show your date your great skills or you can let them teach you.


2- Amusement parks


Amusement parks are a lot of fun and can give you one hell of an excuse to touch each other.


3- Go dancing


Dancing is sexy, especially if you’re good at it. Dancing gives you a reason to get close to your date. If you do the robot dance then you should probably stay away from dancing.


4- Go brunching


Let us give you a sneak peek into a woman’s mind: If you ask her out for brunch on your next date, your stock market is going up. Daylight dates say that you’re not only interested in getting her to bed.

5- Go to a carnival


Yes, we’ve all seen that scene in movies where your date wins you a huge teddy bear; we all want that cheesy stuff.


6- Visit local attractions


Visiting local attractions includes many activities to do and sweet moments to share.


7- Listen to live music


There is something so romantic about watching live music performances. Good music, beer, and the lights will definitely raise the vibes.


8- Go for a drive


Driving together is super romantic; you can talk and take turns in picking music. 


9- Watch a burlesque show


The customs, the music, the show; all are ingredients to a sexy night out.


10- Volunteer in a soup kitchen


Your date will be super impressed by your generosity, and you will be both doing something meaningful which will draw you closer.


11- Go paintballing


You can show your date the other side of you; it doesn’t all have to be talking and eating.


12- Go for a bike ride


Who said that only the French can go on bike dates? We also like romantic bike rides followed by a croissant in a coffee shop. 


13- Take the ferry


You can show your date that you’re all about adventure and trying out new things. We’re not just seasick, we’re lovesick.


14- Go to the Flea Market


Flea Markets give you great vibes and even greater food. There’s something so sweet in walking around the Market, and the topics are endless!


15- Go on a picnic


Going on a picnic for the second date is always a winner. Sitting on the ground, eating wine and cheese, breathing in the fresh air; it couldn’t get any better.


Free Date Ideas


Some of us may be out of jobs, some of us may be still drowning in students’ loans, and some are simply bad with the money that they’re always broke. You may be broke, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take the person you like on a date. 


There are plenty of things you can do that wouldn’t cost you a dime.


1- Go hiking


Hiking is a fun activity to do together, and what’s even better is that mother nature doesn’t give you a check after the end of your day.


2- Movies night-in 


Who said staying at home and watching a movie is boring? Build a fort and light some candles and you would have yourself the most romantic atmosphere.


3- Go to the beach


Sand in your toes, the sun on your body, fresh air blowing on your face; it’s true when they say that the best things in life come free to us.

4- Dinner on the roof


You can pack your dinner up and take your date on any building’s rooftop to watch the sunset and eat some good homemade food.


5- At-home massage


You can give your date a great massage instead of going to an expensive spa. Just make sure to set up your environment; put on some relaxing music, light a bunch of candles, and most importantly diffuse some essential oils.


6- Free food tasting


Take your date to local food tasting markets or events. You can eat all the free food and try some beverages.


7- Window shopping


Hit the mall with your date for some window shopping. Or even better, go to IKEA to browse furniture and hop on sofas that you’re never going to buy.


8- Cook-off


Decide on a meal for your cook-off and just have some fun!


9- Test driving 


You can take your date to test drive extremely luxurious cars. Take these babies for a spin around town and pretend like you’re filthy rich.


10- Tour open houses


It might be really funny to put some fancy clothes on and pretend that you want to purchase a house. Best part? There’s a good chance they will serve you free cookies and cocktails.


 11- At-home karaoke


You don’t have to go to the bar to sing your lungs out. It can be just as fun to do that at home.

12- Hit the library


You can look at old books, and discuss your favorite books. If you’re really lucky, you might come across a poet doing some book reading.


13- Play some game boards


Game boards are exciting and they’re a good way to spend quality time together without spending a dime. 


14- Trivia nights


Make-up your own trivia questions, or download them from the internet and have yourself at-home trivia night.


15- Truth and dare


Seriously, this classic game is an absolute must for us broke people. It’s also a great way to get to know your date, or to get to know them all over again!


Summer Date Ideas


Summer is the best time of the year for a good reason; we can stay outside. Bathing in the sun, getting a sexy tan, lying carelessly on the beach; could it seriously get any better?


Summer is the perfect time for perfect dates. Below are summer date ideas.


1- Dip in the ocean


As simple as it is, a swim date is sexy. Bikinis and shorts, sunscreen rubbing, and making out in the water. Still not convinced?


2- Beach camping


Yes, summer is all about water. What is more fun than camping? Camping by the beach; there’s something so magical about sleeping in a tent and getting hypnotized to sleep by the sound of gushing waves.

3- Watch the sunrise


Staying up all night, roasting marshmallows, and just chatting till the sun is up is beyond romantic.


4- Pool party


Pool parties are fun and exciting and can be good options for those who would rather do less talking and more drinking and dancing/


5- Water balloon fights


We can’t think of anything sexier than a water balloon fight? It’s all about getting wet with your bae and having a legit excuse to touch each other.


6- Book a flight


Vacations don’t have to get expensive; there are many summer deals waiting for you to take them. Exploring a new place with your bae will take your relationship to a whole new level.


7- Fruit picking


You can take your date to a farm to pick some fruits. Then, you can use this fruit to cook up something really tasty with your date.


8- Skinny dipping


It’s summertime; the less you wear, the better! 


9- Strip Poker 


We already said it; the less you wear, the better! What could honestly be sexier than seeing your date take off their clothes?


10- Nightly scavenger hunts


Scavenger hunts late at night are exciting. This can be done alone with your date or you can bring other people. It would be a nice change of pace to walk around the town scavenger hunting.


Spring Date Ideas


Spring is the time where everything is blooming and flourishing; flowers are blooming and relationships are growing. Psychologists agree that Spring is the ultimate time of the year whereas relationships are born or relationships are dead.


Below are awesome spring date ideas for that wonderful time of the year.


1- Spring cleaning


You might think this is a horrible idea for a date, but it’s actually a necessity. Getting rid of old stuff and doing some cleaning can be beneficial for both of you. A messy house indicates a messy relationship.


2- Forest exploring


Exploring nearby forests is a great Spring activity; the weather is not too hot and it’s not too cold. How romantic would it be to get lost in the jungle with bae?


3- Backyard parties


You can invite both of your friends, fire up the grill, drink some beer. 


4- Visit botanical gardens


Take your date to literally smell the roses in a botanical garden. Flowers are the official language of love. 


5- Stargazing


Take your date on the rooftop, plan a romantic dinner, and watch the stars. It is a guarantee that you will have an enchanting evening.


6- Do a yard sale


You and bae can get rid of stuff that you don’t need; you can have yourselves a very fresh start, and make room for new things.


7- Attend a Broadway show


Broadway shows happen mostly in Springtime. Dress up really nicely and take your date to watch a broadway show.


8- Volunteer


Spring is a great time to give back to your community. Why not do it with your date? It will strengthen the bond between you and make you feel good about each other.


9- Plant a tree


How romantic is it to plant a tree and watch it grow together? 


10- Get a new pet


We can’t imagine a better date than going to a pet shop with bae and getting a sweet little puppy. 


Winter Date Ideas


It can feel really lonely if you don’t have a bae in the cold holiday season. If you’re lucky enough to have someone to share the cold nights, you should invest harder in that relationship. Appreciate your partner, get them presents, and go out on dates. 


Here, we have winter date ideas for our winter lovers.


1- Build a snowman 


Building a snowman together is a fun winter activity for both of you to enjoy. This tradition is followed by wrapping yourselves in cozy blankets and drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallow bits. 


2- Go ice-skating


Ice-skating is the ultimate winter activity to be enjoyed by ice-lovers. It also gives you one hell of a reason to get physically close to each other.

3- Go to a cabin


Cabins are very intimate and have a very sexy vibe. Imagine sitting before a fire, wrapped up with your date in only a blanket sipping red wine.


4- Buy a Christmas tree


Buying a Christmas tree together is the coziest idea for a date. You can also decorate the tree while dancing to Jingle Bell Rocks. 


5- Bake a gingerbread house


Baking and decorating gingerbread house is a staple wintertime tradition. Eating cream and icing with bae can turn into a sexy activity.


6- Making smores


Roasting marshmallows on the fireplace or by an outside fire is also a cherished winter tradition. 


7- Attend Christmas festivals


Look for Christmas festivals held in your town, take your date to these festivals, watch the musical shows, eat some street food, and take pictures with Santa. 


8- Take a tour


Taking a tour around the town to watch Christmas lights and decoration is a beloved tradition that we would like to keep. 


9- Christmas shopping


It can be a lot of fun to do your annual Christmas shopping with your date. They can inspire you on what gifts to get your loved ones, and maybe give you a hint on what they want.


10- Christmas movies marathon


Watching Christmas movies, even if it’s 40 days before Christmas, is an all-time winter tradition. You can get cozy and cuddle on the couch.

Fall Date Ideas


Fall is all about orange leaves and pumpkin pies. It’s the season when leaves are falling, and we are falling in love too. Fall dates can be sweet and romantic. 


Below are some fall date ideas that would make them fall head over heels with you. 


1- Pumpkin farms


Pumpkin picking and going to pumpkin farms is the ultimate fall activity. It’s a heartwarming date idea that both of you would enjoy.


2- Scavenger hunt in a cemetery 


For all of you horror lovers, what a better way to play scavenger hunt than to play it in a cemetery solo with your date, or with a bunch of people?


3- Trick or treat


Taking your date on a trick or treat adventure while dressing up in custom is a fantastic fall date idea.


4- Baking a pumpkin pie


We all know that fall is all about pumpkin-related activities. Baking the crust and making the filling can somehow be very steamy.


5- Scary movie night


Prepare some snacks and some apple cider, and do a scary movie marathon. It’s an old-time excuse to get physically close.


6- A picnic underneath a tree


Preparing some snakes and some hot drinks, and having a picnic underneath a tree couldn’t be more romantic. Imagine drinking hot cocoa while surrounded by falling orange leaves.


7- Visit haunted houses


Taking your date to haunted houses can be a lot of fun. You can also search for local parties at haunted houses and go there.


8- Decorate your house


You can invite your bae to put on some Halloween decorations, and you can also carve pumpkins and draw on them. 


9- Go on a hayride


Take your date on a hayride; it’s pretty fun to watch the beauty of fall while riding the hayride.


10- Watch the sunset


Imagine this: Orange trees, yellow leaves, and pink sunsets. We bet that there’s nothing as romantic.


Anniversary Date Ideas


Anniversaries are very sacred, especially to women; taking your anniversary seriously should be basic. Below, we will provide you with anniversary date ideas that would blow your mind.


1- Visit a tattoo shop


What says “our love is forever” more than a tattoo? You can surprise your bae by booking an appointment to get matching tattoos.


2- Salsa dance lessons


There’s something extremely sexy about salsa dancing. Is it the music? Is it the moves? Or is it the way you and bae touch during the dance? 


3- Bed and Breakfast


Surprise your date with a weekend in a romantic Bed and Breakfast that’s a bit far away from where you live. It would be the perfect romantic getaway.


4- Go on a boat ride


Bring in some champagne, get her a bouquet of red roses, and take her on a romantic boat ride.


5- Reenactment of the first date


You can take your bae to the place your eyes first met, or you can take them to that coffee shop you had your first date in. 


6- Do some baking


You could bake red-velvet cakes for your bae and surprise them with your baking skills.


7- Reminisce on the past


You can tell your bae all the memories that are engraved in your memory. You can even look at old photos and watch old videos of yourself.


8- A night at the Opera


If you’re both Opera lovers, you can take your date to the Opera on your anniversary date. Don’t forget to dress up nicely.


9- Romantic getaway


Surprise your lover with tickets to a romantic getaway; hop on that airplane and go somewhere remote.


10- Pop the question


Anniversaries are the perfect timing to pop the question, in case you’ve been meaning to. We bet that she will never forget that one time she thought was going on a regular date but instead was asked this question.


Outdoor Date Ideas


Getting some vitamin D with your date can be very therapeutic for both of you. A bunch of date activities can be held outdoors; below, we will show you our top ones. 


1- Hiking


Yes, there are people in the world who actually enjoy a good hike. Hiking strengthens your body and your relationship as well.


2- Hot air balloon ride 


Going on a hot air balloon ride with your date is like when Aladdin takes Jasmine on a magic carpet ride. 


3- Dog walking


Going on a dog walking date with your bae is a very bonding activity. It can be followed by having a cup of coffee.


4- Fishing


Get on a boat and take your date fishing. Being alone with them in the middle of the waters can give you a lot of quality time.


5- Snorkeling


Discover the wonderful life under the sea, and discover the adventurous side of your date


6-Bungee jumping


Take your date bungee jumping for a date that they would never forget. Dare them to be adventurous and adrenaline seekers.


7- Do some gardening


Doing some gardening and planting some seeds will definitely make your hearts grow fonder.

8- Camping on a mountain


Setting a tent on a secluded mountain top will be one hell of a date. Imagine just the two of you being out there; you will really get to know the other person.


9- Outdoor concert 


Outdoor concerts are great for couples who enjoy good music and good beer. 


10- Do some cycling


Riding a bike with your date is utterly romantic. Rays of sunshine and crispy wind would do the trick just fine.