50 Philosophical Questions That Would Make You Doubt Your Whole Existence
15 Dec 2020 admin

50 Philosophical Questions That Would Make You Doubt Your Whole Existence


Philosophical Questions



How many times have you found yourself thinking about life? How many times were you cornered in a conversation where you did not know the right response? We are indeed in the 21st century, but there are unresolved questions that even scientists were unable to decipher. The human mind is definitely one of the codes that could not be completely cracked.


Did you know that the Tibetan masters can fly and levitate? The human mind was able to calculate nanoseconds that enabled mankind to land on the moon. The human mind can create and destroy; it can construct and deconstruct. So how can we understand its powers? Is there more to this power?


Here are a couple of questions about the human mind that makes us doubt our whole existence:


1- Does the human mind really possess the ability to heal the body from disease?


Some theories claim that the body has what it takes to fight disease and heal itself without any outside interference. How much do we know of this? And if this is true, why do doctors exist?


2- Do we live in this universe, or does the universe live in us?


Is our reality real or is it imagined? Is it possible that every one of us lives in our own little universe whereas we create our universe and the people that live in it?


3- Are dreams an expression of our subconsciousness, or is it an entrance to a surreal world?


Are dreams merely an outlet for the feelings that we suppress during our waking hours? Or do we enter another dimension when we go to sleep?


4- How come some people have the ability to talk to the “Other World”?


The Ouija board was created to communicate with spirits; some people claim that they have experienced very real “talks” with the “others”.


5- Can we physically train our minds to become rich?


The Law of Attraction is a theory that is being taught worldwide for those who wish to “train” their minds into becoming rich.


6- Did you know that the human mind can control its dreams by “lucid” dreaming?


Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming, and can control their own dream. Seriously…how fascinating is the human mind?


7- Why are we here?


Why do we exist at all? What is the objective of living?


8- Can a person tell when he or she is dead?


When someone dies, do they realize that they are dead? What does it feel when someone realizes that they are actually dead? Will they be happy and relieved? Or will they be devastated for not doing all that they wanted to do?


9- Why do we act differently when put in a position of power?


Many scientific studies proved that humans completely change when they are put in a powerful position. How does this power have the “power” to negatively change us?


10- Are we some creature’s pets? Just like animals are pets to humans?


Could we be living in a parallel universe whereas we are pets to other creatures?


11- Where were we before we were born?


Seriously…where were we?


12- Where will we go when we die?


Is there heaven and hell? Is there a world for spirits to wander?



13- Did God create humans in His image or did we create God in our image?


Did you know that some scientists believe that they know what God looks like?


14- Why do we dream?


Is the human the only creature who can dream? Can animals dream too? Why do we dream at all?


15- What makes some of us good and what makes some of us bad?


What are the factors that make someone a good citizen? Or those that turn them into criminals?


16- Does the fetus watch its life course while living in its mother’s womb?


Is this how we experience Deja Vu?


17- Do Ghosts/spirits live amongst us?


Is there a ghost sitting next to you while you are reading this post?


18- Would we remember the people we once loved if we were reincarnated?


Suddenly, Eric Clapton’s song is playing in my mind “would you know my name if you saw me in heaven?”


19- When will our world come to an end?


You can call it doomsday, apocalypse, impermanence, or the year 2020. Is our world coming to an end?


20- Is love innate or is it learned?


Is humankind programmed to love? Or is it that we learn to love?


21- If you can genetically modify your brain, what traits would you add and what traits would you remove?


What would you add or remove to make yourself a better person?

22- If legal consequences did not exist, would the rate of crime increase?


If we lived in a world where prisons did not exist, and there is no criminal justice that would punish us for bad actions, would the rate of crime increase? Is it possible that the law prevents us from killing each other? Or is it only human nature?


23- Why do humans need each other? Can we live alone away from society?


What would happen if you isolate humans from each other?


24- Do twins experience telepathy?


There is no scientific proof of twin telepathy, yet…but some personal experiences cannot be denied!


25- Does time really exist or is it a construction of the human mind?


Is time an illusion? Is it a human concept?


26- Could our birthmarks really indicate how we were killed in our previous life?


Could birthmarks solve the mystery of reincarnation?


27- If there was an antidote that makes humans immortal, would you take it and live forever?


Is immortality against God’s will? Does the person REALLY want to live forever?


28- If you could choose a way to die, what would it be?


If you could pick how you would die…what way would you like to go?


29- If the mind has the power to defeat the illness, then why do some people die of disease?


Some people are a living testimony that the mind has the power to fight inflammation and kill cancerous cells. How come most people die from an illness?


30- Why is it important for humans to recreate?


Do we recreate because it is what everybody has been doing since the beginning of time? Or do we do it because we want to be immortalized through our grandchildren?


31- How do we justify having animals as pets as an ethical thing to do?


Who was the first person ever to own a pet? What inspired them to do that? Is it ethical to have that animal as a pet?


32- Why do we always want more? Is greediness a part of our nature?


Are we built to always want more than we already have?


33- Is the parents’ main job to teach their children how to survive in this world? Or is it merely to love them unconditionally?


How do parents become “parents”?


34- Are we mentally wired to need someone to love us?


Why do we seek love?


35- If humans are capable of change, then why don’t they do it?


It takes 90 days to change. So, If someone has a bad trait why wouldn’t they change it?


36- Is Ignorance really bliss?


Are those who know less genuinely happier than those who do know?


37- Is a human programmed to feel hatred?


How come we feel hate towards each other?


38- True or false: Humans are the most relentless killers on earth?


We kill each other, we kill animals and we kill mother nature.


39- Why do humans destroy their planet as they do? Don’t they realize that the earth is their only home?


Would someone burn, cut, and pollute their own house?


40- Why do we need to believe in something bigger than us to feel safe?


Is religion man-made?


41- How come some dreams, such as teeth falling and/or being chased, are universal recurring dreams? Does this prove the universality of humanity?


Astonishingly, people of all races and all ages have at least experienced one of these recurrent dreams.


42- Is it possible for your soul to get trapped in a dream while sleeping?


What happens if you don’t wake up from a dream?


43- If the human brain can’t distinguish between real thoughts or imagined thoughts, then how are we ever aware? What is real and what is imagined?


Did you know that swimming and imagining that you are swimming activates the same parts of your brain?


44- Does the conscious mind control the subconscious? Or does the subconscious control the conscious mind?


What makes us behave as we do? What controls us?


45- Why do we have emotions?


Why do we feel happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, and other kinds of emotions?


46- Is nature or nurture more important in developing criminals?


This question is old as time: Do genes turn us into criminals? Or is it environmental factors?


47- Does coincidence really exist?


Is coincidence the existence of someone in a certain place, at a certain time? Or is it written in the stars that someone has to be there at that time?


48- Bananas share 50% of DNA with humans, so really, what are we?


Is this delicious fruit our long lost cousin?


49- Are we in control or are we on autopilot?


Is it possible that our life is planned out before our actual birth?


50- Given that life on earth might not be habitable one day, will we coexist with aliens on another planet?


Who is likely to rule this planet? Humans or aliens?



These questions really make us wonder how the human mind functions. Our mind is so powerful that we do not understand it. These questions truly make us doubt our whole existence. But, who knows, maybe soon we will have more answers and fewer questions about this magnificent organ.