How To Keep A Conversation Going
20 Nov 2020 admin

How To Keep A Conversation Going

You meet someone new, and you get worked up about the constant awkward silence that seems to get the most of your conversations.

Most times, it doesn’t even matter; you don’t care. The more worrying thing is the fact that you might cross that thin line between badgering the person and engaging in a smooth flowing conversation.

Let’s look at some of the ways to keep a conversation going when you find yourself in these awkward situations.


How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl


Girls can sometimes be difficult to flow with, and good luck to anyone trying to understand them. But there are ways to go about keeping the flow when engaged in conversations with any girl that catches your fancy.

  • Be confident and start with a common ground. Most girls want you to look them in the eye and charm them with as much confidence as you can muster.
  • Don’t just scratch the surface, ask proper questions that’ll emphasize your interest in her.
  • Pick up on cues and joke around a little with some flirty lines.
  • Talk about random things that get you going like art, music, and movies. Say these things passionately that will get their interest piqued.


How To Keep A Text Conversation Going


The best way to keep a text conversation going is to make the person on the other end excited and curious about you.

Some people are terrible at texting that they end up treating it like a job interview. Even though you’re supposed to ask questions, do it the right way.

  • Ask open-ended questions that’ll result in more conversations.
  • Don’t bombard them with text. Keep your cool and think carefully before replying to each text. Give the impression that you’re sure of yourself.
  • Know when to leave the conversation. If you sense an end to your current discussion, end it yourself. It’s better than ghosting them and expecting the person to still be into you.
  • Avoid one-word answers and understand that patience is pivotal.


How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl Over text


Take your time and relax, it’s just another conversation with a girl. While at it, don’t make everything all about yourself so she doesn’t get bored.

  • Hold back a little, ask her questions, and allow her to ramble on. Pay attention though, you might need to ask her later about the things she had told you. It might not seem like a big deal, but it shows how much you care.
  • Flirt subtly. Ask questions that’ll leave her reeling with laughter and at the same time, plant the thoughts of you firmly on her mind.
  • Avoid controversial topics like religion and politics. Save it for later, when you’ve built enough trust in the relationship. Girls can get riled up and lose interest when things don’t go their way.


How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Guy


Guys are pretty much easy to get going, especially when they are already into you. But first, be genuinely interested in him.

  • Ask questions about his childhood, job, interests, and ambition. Get him to tell you why he has a pet and if he doesn’t, ask him why.
  • Encourage him to open up to you and watch how both of you won’t be able to get enough of the conversation.
  • Know your limits. Remember, guys don’t like their ego to be bruised.
  • Talk about the things you find amusing about him, like how his smile transforms his face completely. Make him smile more.

What Questions To Ask To Keep A Conversation Going?


Open-ended questions are the best way to go about asking questions. They give way for broader and deeper conversations. For instance: 

  • “What are the things that make you happy?”
  • “What’s the one experience that has changed your life forever?”
  • “What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?”
  • “What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?”
  • “What’s that weird thing you can’t stop yourself from doing always?”
  • “Which TV character do you relate to the most and why?”

How Do You Keep A Conversation Going When Dating?


Having the right conversations while dating can help you and your partner build a strong base for the attraction you feel for each other, and help you build a long-lasting relationship.

  • Help each other grow by engaging in conversations that promote hard work and diligence. Find out about the things that are most important to your companion and focus on the lesser details.
  • Compliment each other from time to time and keep the flame of your affection burning by saying sweet romantic words. Talk about long-term goals and aspirations that’ll make you think about your plans for the relationship.

How To Keep A Conversation Going On Tinder


Physical attraction plays a primary role in Tinder. But most times, being an excellent conversationalist can be a big plus.

A good conversationalist knows what to say, and the right time to say it. If someone swipes right on you, and you find yourself attracted to the person, and could even sense the person trying to connect. This shows that the conversation is worth pursuing.

  • Give compliments. Look at the person’s profile and find things to genuinely compliment.
  • Try to keep things light. Most people go on Tinder to have fun, even though you can’t rule out the possibility of a serious relationship.
  • Don’t start going on about the details of your past relationship or start asking about the details of the person’s past relationship.
  • The best way to tread lightly is by asking what they do for a living. You can never go wrong by asking how a person makes a living, especially if it’s something they are proud of.
  • Flirt a little. Ask questions that’ll set the tone for the relationship you want and expect.



Keeping a conversation going can be likened to riding a bicycle. It gets super easy once you learn the ropes and also follow the rules.

Humans are easily swayed by emotions. The sooner we understand that controlling it can sometimes be beyond our reach. So why not just relax, approach each conversation carefully, and enjoy yourself?