10 Feb 2021 Tonya

160 Questions to Ask a Girl : Ask Like A Boss

Questions to Ask a Girl


The greatest psychologist, Sigmund Freud, died at the age of 83 wondering “what do women want”. But, if this intelligent creature couldn’t decipher this code, then where does that leave us?


Girls are wonderful creatures; they are sensitive, strong, and determined. Yet, it can be stressful to approach them if you don’t know what you’re going to say, or what kind of questions you’re going to ask. 


In this article, we have 160 questions of all genres that would help you in this mission.


Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl


Flirty questions are a two-edged sword; because if done correctly, they can take your relationship to a world of flirty texts and sexy glances. But, if not, you can come off as an offensive jerk. 


Keep in mind that you can’t just meet a girl and start showering her with flirty questions, so please don’t be that creep. 


1- What is love to you?


2- If you could plan out the perfect first date, how would it go?


3- Would you want to plan our next date or would you want me to take you off guard?


4- Describe what “romantic” means to you in only three words.


5- What is the best way to be touched?


6- What does “I love you” mean to you?


7-  What’s the one unforgivable thing that someone could do to you in a relationship?


8- What would make you head-over-heels?


9- Do you think about our first kiss?


10- Can you imagine how wonderful it would feel to grow old with you?


11- When will you ask me to kiss you?


12- What does it feel like to be this pretty?


13- What can I do to make you smile more?


14- How would it feel like if we hugged all night?


15- How would it feel like if I woke up next to you?


16- Wouldn’t it be nice to see a mini version of you running around and giving me cuddles?


17- Can you tell me one thing you like about me?


18- What are the foundations of a healthy relationship?


19- Don’t you agree that you’re going to look like an angel in white?


20- Do you realize just how beautiful your eyes are?


Deep Questions to Ask a Girl


Deep questions require vulnerability of the person asking these questions, and require honesty from the one answering these questions. It would also mean that you have to be actively listening and to keep your judgements at bay. 


Deep questions help you build a great foundation, and allows you to see the naked soul of the other person.


1- What is your outlook on life?


2- How do you act when you’re angry?


3- What makes you stressed out?


4- Do you think you’re ready for parenting?


5- What makes someone a good spouse?


6- How is your relationship with money? 


7- Was there an experience that made you change your views on love; it could be positive or negative?


8- What are your self-care rituals?


9-How important are children to you?


10- Would you ever take the person you love for granted?


11- How well do you function under pressure?


12- What are your aspirations and dreams?


13- There is no wrong answer but what is more important to you, kids or career?


14- What small things can we do to become better people ?


15- What are your religious beliefs or point of views?


16- What would you do if you ever felt lonely in a relationship?


17- We all have insecurities, but how do you think your insecurities might affect your relationships?


18- Do you think physical attraction could make or break a relationship?


19- Do you think our differences might tear us apart one day?


20- What are the constitutes of a healthy marriage?


Funny Questions to Ask a Girl


It is always a good idea to make a girl laugh. Laughing makes a girl feel safe with you and it makes her want to be around you more often. So, asking her funny questions will do the trick.


1- What is a kids movie that you secretly enjoy?


2- What was the grossest place you had to pee in?


3- What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve worn as a kid?


4- If someone made a romantic-comedy movie on you, what would it be titled?


5- Who would win in a fight, you or Mulan?


6- What’s the first thing you would do if you were a guy?


7- Would you still talk to me if I had the face of a donkey?


8- What would you do if you knew I snore like a pig at night?


9- Have you ever accidentally sent a steamy text message to your mother?


10- What was the strangest item you found in someone else’s bathroom?


11- What was your silliest drunk moment?


12- Did your parents ever catch you smoking?


13- What’s the first thing you do if you become a kid?


14- What was your longest nap?


15- Would you rather live inside a burger or inside a muffin?


16- Can you show me the silliest face you could make?


17-  If you get paid to slap your noisy boss, would you do it?


18- When was the last time you peed in the shower?


19- Did you ever pee in a pool?


20- What’s the craziest alibi you would tell your job to skip a week of work?


Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl


Interesting questions can be great conversation starters, especially when you feel that the conversation is dull, or you don’t know what you’re going to say. 


1- What’s the place you go to when you don’t want to be seen?


2- What song puts your feelings into words right now?


3- What is something unusual about you that no one knows about?


4- What is your life mantra?


5- What is your spirit animal?


6- If someone invented a beverage for you, what would it be named? And what would it taste like?


7- What is the most obnoxious comment you constantly hear?


8- What would make you proud of yourself?


9- What’s your favorite part in your favorite movie?


10- Would you trade your life with a baker in a small village in France?


11- What’s a skill that you would really like to learn?


12- What’s your guilty pleasure?


13- What was the longest you binged on food and Netflix?


14- What was your most adventurous experience?


15- Who was the rudest guest you’ve had?


16- When was the last time you had to lie to get out of an event?


17- What was the craziest lie you’ve ever told?


18- What is your most beloved family tradition?


19- What’s the ritual that must do before you go to sleep?


20- What’s your favorite line from a movie?


Random Questions to Ask a Girl


Random questions are great in case you really want to get to know the person, but you don’t want to stick to a certain subject. Embrace your randomness and spontaneity, because it shows that you are comfortable enough to be yourself around her.


1- When is the best time to take a nap?


2- Would you adopt 10 lost puppies?


3- What does the perfect Sunday look like?


4- What inspirational leader affects you the most?


5- Are you keeping up with the Kardashians?


6- What was the craziest way you cheated on a test?


7- Would you rather hire a cook or a maid?


8- What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to avoid traffic?


9- What’s your favorite thing to cook?


10- What is your favorite winter ritual?


11- Would you rather swim in a cold pool, or sit in a hot jacuzzi?


12- If you had to choose only one pizza topping for the rest of your life, what would it be?


13- Do you like spending your holidays with family or alone?


14- What was the most annoying comment you’ve heard in family gatherings?


15- Would you rather be addicted to nicotine or alcohol?


16- If you go to jail, what would it be for?


17- You were given the gift of telepathy with only one person, who would you choose?


18-  If you could create you a scent that smells just like you, what would it smell like?


19- Would you rather have the arms of a monkey, or the face of a mouse?


20- Would you rather have Anna from Frozen as your best friend, or Donkey from Shrek?


Personal Questions to Ask a Girl


This level of closeness should not be attempted without getting some kind of a signal from the girl that it is okay to get this personal. Personal questions can be about her family, or anything that feels really personal to her.


1- What was the most disgusting thing you ate at a relative’s house, but had to finish the dish because you were too shy to say anything?


2- Who is the weirdest relative you have?


3- Do you wish that you had more or less siblings?


4- Are you closer to your dad or to your mom?


5- What candy reminds you of your childhood?


6- What smell would take you back home?


7- Do you think your parents’ relationship affects your own in a good or in a bad way?


8- What was your favorite meal as a kid?


9- How old were you when you learned how to potty.


10- How did you get these stitches?


11- Why did you get this tattoo?


12- Why do you wear this necklace/ring/bracelet/watch all the time?


13- What is a childhood memory that warms you up when you remember?


14- What was your favorite song when you were a kid?


15- What was the name of your teddy bear when you were a kid? Do you still have it?


16- Who was your favorite teacher when you were in kindergarten?


17- When you were a child, did you ever pretend like you were sleeping so your parents would carry you?


18- What was the cruelest thing you did to your siblings?


19- What was the biggest lie you told your parents when you were a child?


20- Is there a specific memory from your childhood that you can’t simply get over?


Romantic Questions to Ask a Girl


Nothing is more romantic than being vulnerable, and asking the girl you’re interested in a bunch of questions that shows her you’re all in. 


1- Do you like indoor or outdoor weddings?


2- Do you think that we will be 80 years old and still all over each other?


3- Do you think your parents would like me?


4- What should I get your mother for Mothers Day?


5- Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s day?


6- Do you think we will be telling our love story to our grandkids?


7- How would you like me to take care of you when you’re sad?


8- What was the sweetest text you received by me?


9- Could you describe the moment when you knew that you fell for me?


10- Could you tell me three songs that remind you of me?


11- If there was a movie for our story, what would it be titled?


12- What would our perfect weekend look like?


13- Do I still make your heart skip a beat?


14- What made you fall for me?


15- Do you still remember our first kiss?


16- Do you wish that our kids would have my eyes?


17- Do you think I will be a good parent to our children?


18- What does the perfect romantic getaway look like?


19- Would you give up your phone during our honeymoon?


20- Would you get jealous if I loved our baby girl more than you?


Awkward Questions to Ask a Girl


At some points of the relationship, you might have to ask some awkward questions to really get to know someone. But, in case you’re still not there yet, you might want to avoid these questions. 


1- When was the time when you felt most rejected?


2- How many guys have you been with before me?


3- Have you ever cheated in a relationship?


4- Have you ever had an inappropriate crush on someone who is in a relationship?


5- Have you ever walked in on someone while they were in the bathroom?


6- What was the most awkward thing you said to your crush when you were in school?


7- What was the most inappropriate crush when you were in school?


8- What was your worst online dating experience?


9- What was the weirdest date you’ve had?


10- What was the most offensive thing a guy had ever said to you?


11- What was the most toxic relationship you’ve been in?


12- Who do you regret kissing?


13- Were you ever publicly embarrassed?


14- What was the longest you’ve gone without a shower?


15- Have you ever had a fight with someone in public?


16- What was the worst thing you’ve done when you were drunk?


17- Have you ever faked it?


18- Does size matter?


19- Would you ever do it in a public place?


20- Have you ever had a one night stand?