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85 Conversation Starter for Every Case Scenario

Conversation Starters


Not all of us are born with natural conversational talents; some of us sweat like a pig in a sauna just by saying the word “hello”. Some of us dread the silence that fills up the room if a conversation dies, and some are just afraid of blurting out gibberish talk so they completely switch to silent mode.


The truth is, humans, yearn to have meaningful conversations with others. Some of us are extremely bad that the only good conversation we have is with our pets; for others, the only heartfelt conversation we share is that with that teeny tiny spider sitting in the corner of the shower.  


So how can we become good conversationalists? Well, preparing is a key ingredient at first, then after practice, it will come naturally to you. With excellent conversation starters, you will arm yourself with the mightiest weapon to start a conversation, to keep it going, and to connect deeply with those around you. 


Conversation Starters for Couples


Great conversation starters for couples are an absolute must during the very first phases of the relationship. Conversation starters can help you melt the icy exterior and get to know each other. Moreover, good conversation starters can also turn your crush into a relationship. 


1- What’s your favorite beverage?


This question is a very simple and straightforward one, but it can unlock the next level of the conversation. Let’s say you agreed to meet up in a coffee shop, you can ask your date this question and it would show the other part that you are interested in them, which will get the conversation going. This way you can smoothly start the date. This question can also be beneficial in case you accidentally ran into your crush in a coffee shop; by initiating this question, you might end up drinking coffee together.


2- What’s your favorite song?


You can ask your date or your crush about their favorite song, and it can be followed by asking them the reason why. For instance, you can ask them if they relate to the lyrics of the song, or if the beat automatically puts them in a better mood. It can be followed by telling them about your favorite song; and voilà, you have the conversation flowing. 


3- Where did you grow up?


This simple, yet complicated question can lead you to start a very long conversation about your date’s childhood and where they come from. You might end up talking about bittersweet childhood memories.


4- What inspires you?


It could be a song, a video, or even a person. You can ask your date to play that song, or show you that video, or tell you about this person; in return, you can answer the same question.


5- What do you like doing in your free time?


You can get to know their hobbies and what they enjoy doing in their spare time. If they like to read, ask them what their favorite book is; if they like sports, ask them what their favorite team is, and so on.


6- What’s your favorite social media platform?


You can show your date your favorite Instagram page, or watch that special podcast on Snapchat. And if you don’t already have them on social media, this can be a great way to add them or follow them.


7- What’s your dream vacation?


They might tell you about their Euro tour last summer, or about that country that they would love to visit, and you can do the same.


8- What makes a relationship last?

This can be a great conversation starter that would also set the foundations of your relationship with the other person. Also, it can reveal what the other person is looking for in a relationship.


9- How do you deal with stress?


This question gives you the snorkels to dive deep; it might reveal a bunch of things about the other person that would help you in getting to know their character.


10- What’s a goal that you would like to achieve?


It can be that they want to finish school, or quit their current job, or learn how to swim, or even just be happy. The conversation will be open to many possibilities and other related topics that may pop. 


More Conversation Starters for Couples


Not only do conversation starters work well at the beginning of the potential beginning of something, but conversation starters can be wonderful in bringing the sexy back in relationships that have been stuck in a rut. 


1- What makes you enjoy this TV show?


If your partner enjoys a TV series that’s all about knives, watch it with them and show genuine interest; it will make their day. If your partner enjoys watching Gossip Girl, ask them who’s their favorite character and why.


2- What makes this hobby so enjoyable to you?


Your partner might like jogging; you can ask them how it makes them feel when they are out there. Your partner might like singing; you can enjoy a good karaoke night out with them. 


3- How can I become a better partner for you?


This can be a great conversation starter to work on your differences and to give your partner a platform to express their insecurities. 


4- Name one thing that you would like us to try.


Your partner may want you to take dancing lessons with them, or take beginner French lessons with them. 


5- What’s your favorite memory with me?


This can spark a variety of old feelings and sweet memories that can remind your partner how much you love each other. 


6- Do you remember our first kiss?


You can remember this magical moment; you can talk about how warm it made your heart feel and all the fuzzy feelings that came along.


7- What annoys you most about me?


This conversation starter can help you become a better person for your partner; for instance, you might be unconsciously criticizing the way they eat or sleep.


Conversation Starters for Teens


Being a teenager is hard as it is without adding the lack of conversational skills to the mix. Almost every teenager has some kind of pressure to be more like someone or to fit into a certain category. We can’t all be that head cheerleader who has immense conversational skills; we can’t all be that one guy who knows the answers to every possible question. So, here are great conversation starters that would help you get on top of your game.


1- If you could choose a subject to be taught at school, what would it be?


Many teenagers are pushing towards learning basic life skills that are generally not taught at schools, such as doing your taxes, starting investing early, and taking care of your mental and physical health.


2- What would you be like if you were a teacher? 


By asking this question, you are sparking the other person’s imagination. 


3- How do you usually spend your weekends?


This conversation starter leads to many conversational possibilities; you could talk about the activities you enjoy doing over the weekend and the places you usually go to.


4- What makes someone a good friend?


If you recently got to know a group of people that you would love to befriend, you can ask them this question.


5- Do you have a dream career in mind?


Your friend may already know what they want to be when they grow up, and they might not. This question gives you many conversational possibilities and it would open doors to new topics.


6- Is there someone in our class that you would like to know better?


This conversation starter might reveal secret crushes, or the possibility to begin a friendship with someone new.


7- Who is your favorite teacher and why?


Who knows? You might have the same favorite teacher. And even if it’s not, it’s still a great way to start a conversation with someone.


8- Would you classify yourself as an introvert or extrovert? 


This conversation starter can help you get to know the other person; if they are an introvert you might want to plan indoor activities and give them space more often. 


9- Do you have any weird quirks that no one knows about?


This might be a random question but it can be a great way to get someone to talk more about themselves.


10- What’s the one song that describes your life perfectly?


It could be a Justin Beiber song, or it can be the theme song of SpongeBob SquarePants; either way, this will be opening up new horizons for the conversation. 


Conversation Starters for Kids


Some kids can be social butterflies and outspoken, while some kids can be extremely shy and it would feel like a mission impossible to get them to utter a word. You may need a conversation starter with your kid, with your niece, or your partner’s kid. You may also need a conversation starter if you want kids to interact with each other. Here are some conversation starters for kids:


1- If your pet could talk what would it say?


Kids have a pretty imaginative mind and it would be pretty stimulating for them to think about this question. 


2- What is your favorite toy?


The kids can talk about their toys, show you how they play with them, and if you are lucky enough, they will let you play with them. In any way, you will get the kid talking and going.


3- What would happen if your toys came alive?


The kid is most likely to be excited and will start telling you or other kids about the wonders that would happen if that were to come true.


4- Show us the silliest face you can make.


This conversation starter is pretty effective in lighting up the overall mood and getting these kids to laugh; it can also help in breaking the ice.


5- What is your favorite food?


For some reason, kids enjoy talking about food. When you ask kids this question it will lead to further topics related to food.


6- What do you like doing with your family?


They might tell you about the trip they took, or that time they won at monopoly. It can be a great conversation starter about the activities they enjoy doing with their families.


7- How would you spend your day if you never went to school?


This question is a definite way to start a conversation because you might have contradicting points of view; some kids like going to school to see their friends and some would rather skip it altogether. 


8- What is the grossest thing you’ve ever done?


Kids usually take pride in the disgusting things they’ve accomplished. This is a great way to get the kids talking and laughing as well.


9- Who is the funniest person you know?


This conversation starter initiates other questions such as “what’s the funniest joke this person has told”? And “why is this person funny”?


10- Why do your parents ground you?


This funny yet awkward question can open up the gate to a world of naughty deeds that the kid has done.


11- Would you rather buy toys or candies?


It would be interesting to hear these kids’ opinions and to see what they would eventually give up on. It can open other conversations such as their favorite toy or favorite piece of candy.


12- Do you prefer playing video games or outdoor games? 


This or that questions are excellent conversation starters for kids; they are excellent icebreakers and conversation starters. 


Conversation Starters for Families


Conversation starters for families are an absolute must for game nights, long car rides, or at family gatherings over the holidays and special events. Moreover, it can be a fun way to get to know your kids. Try some of our conversation starters below:


1- What’s the best thing that your parents have ever done for you?

2- What’s the greatest gift you’ve received?

3- What do you like most about yourself?

4- Describe your character in three words

5- What is your favorite animal?

6- If you could make a TV show with your family, what would it be called?

7- What would you do if you wake up as a cartoon character?

8- What’s your favorite memory?

9- Describe the perfect birthday party.

10-Describe your perfect day.

11- If you could invent food, what would it taste like?

12- If you could choose one season to live in for the rest of your life, what would it be?

13- If you could make your parents understand one thing, what would it be?

14- What makes a good sister or a good brother?

15- Would you rather cancel all exams or cancel gym class?

16- Would you rather never play video games or never watch TV?

17- Name one expensive gift that you would like.

18- Would you rather be a bully or get bullied?

19- Tell us one thing you regret doing.

20- Do you have a crush on one of your teachers?


Conversation Starters for Teachers


Teaching is not an easy job; it does not only include having humongous knowledge in a certain subject, but it also includes having social skills that would come in handy in dealing with kids. Kids can sometimes be difficult to manage and it can be difficult to break the ice that would make them interact with the teacher and facilitate the learning process. Below, we will provide you with conversation starters for kids of all ages. 


1- What would make learning this subject easier?

2- Would you rather do in class worksheets instead of taking exams?

3- Can you come up with a fun activity for this lesson?

4- What was your favorite lesson and why?

5- Describe what the perfect class would look like.

6- What makes this subject more enjoyable?

7- What should we do more as a class?

8- What should I, as a teacher, work more on?

9- If I was a kid your age, what would you tell me?

10- If you could change one thing about our class, what would it be?

11- Who should be the class leader?


Deep Conversation Starters


Deep conversation starters are essential if you want to get to know someone. It is worth mentioning that you need to make sure that the other person is ready to dive deep. You also need to make sure that the timing is right and the mood is set.


Below are deep conversation starters:


1- If you could take off your mask, what would the world see?

2- Who are you when you are alone?

3- What’s the one thing that you would change about our world?

4- If a psychic offers to give you a free reading of your future, what would you like to know?

5- What is your downfall?

6- What’s the one event that shaped your entire existence?

7- If you could control one thing in your future, what would it be?

8- If you could decide a way to die, what would it be?

9- What is a miracle that you would like to witness?

10- Who is the one person that you can’t live without?

11- Do humans believe in God or the idea of a god?

12- What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told yourself?

13- Would you commit a crime for someone you love?

14- What is the reason behind our existence?

15- Would you tell a person a white lie in order not to hurt their feelings?