08 Feb 2021 Tonya

101 Hypothetical Questions That Would Force You to Question Everything

Hypothetical Questions


Hypothetical questions are mind-provoking questions that force you to think twice about everything around you. It forces you to think about what is real and what is imagined. It can be the star of a game night or a romantic date, or even you can pose these questions in class to stimulate the students or your classmates. Whatever your reason is, we’ve got your back with these 101 hypothetical questions.


1- You are walking alone in the woods; you find a homeless kid living there. Would you approach this kid or leave it?


2- You are given two options: One pill that makes you happy for 70 years or, a pill that makes you healthy for 70 years?


3- What would you do if you woke up in a historical era when women were slaves?


4- What’s the first thing you’d do if you were a ghost?


5- You were given magical waters that would turn you into anyone you want. Who would you want to be?


6- A person comes to you and warns you about the future, would you listen to what they have to say?


7- If you were given the chance to change your family, your hometown, and your whole identity, would you do it?


8- If you could have the powers to talk to one animal, what would you pick and why?


9- If you could be the President of any country, what would it be?


10- If money grew on trees, how often would you be harvesting it?


11- If you could live in a house of food, what would that food be?


12- What would you do if you woke up one day as the Grinch?


13- What would you do if you were transported accidentally to the Land of Dead, just like the movie Coco? 


14- If you could have one superpower for one day only, what would you choose and why?


15- You were offered to take one million dollars, but you have to live in a whale’s tummy for one month in exchange. Would you accept the deal?


16- Would you rather live in a year that’s all Christmas, or a year that has only summer?


17- Would you rather die from a shark attack, or have the shark eat your legs but survive the attack?


18- If you could live in a cake, what would the filling be?


19- Would you rather be haunted by the ghost of the future or ghost of the past?


20- What would your reality TV show be called?


Funny Hypothetical Questions


Funny hypothetical questions are excellent ice-breakers for gatherings that are full of silent dull moments. They are mood lifters and can instantly change the overall mood of the room.


1- Would you rather be a hyena who laughs all the time or a sloth who sleeps all the time?


2- If you could choose one character of FRIENDS to play, what would it be?


3- Who would win the fight, the Hulk or Popeye?


4- Would you rather be a chameleon and change color or be a snake and shed skin?


5- You see an ant stuck in a spider’s web, would you save it? Or would you let nature take its course?


6- Would you rather be dumb and pretty or ugly and rich?


7- If animals could have humans as pets, which animal would you choose to be your owner?


8- Would you rather be a bad flirter or a bad dancer?


9- If your fridge could speak every time you open it, what would it be saying?


10- If your bed could kick you out every morning, would you still own a bed?


11- Would you rather live like a child for the rest of your life and have all the energy, or would you rather live as a senior citizen and have all the money?


12- Would you rather be a character in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?


13- Would you rather get married to a chef or a masseuse?


14- You were cursed with a spill that turns you into a mythical beast, what would you be?


15- What would you do if you figured out that your boss is watching you daily from your laptop camera?


16- Your Google history is about to be presented to a room full of people, what would you do?


17- If you could pick to be one of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, who would you be?


18- You’re in the park and you accidentally sit in a dog’s poop, your date is about to arrive; what would you do?


19- You’re in a restaurant, a stranger’s kid is eating your food and his mom is not doing anything about it. What would you do?


20- You’re in a bar, your date opens her purse and you accidentally see a bag with human teeth. What is your reaction?


Hypothetical Questions Examples


Below are some examples of hypothetical questions that would make your brain explode.


1- If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?


2- If you could transport yourself anywhere in the world just by blinking three times, where would you first go?


3- Would you steal a bank if there’s only a 1% possibility of getting caught?


4- What would you do if you met a witch?


5- If a scientist wants to clone you, would you let them?


6- What would happen if the machine that translates animal language was invented?


7- You can only afford one: A robot who cooks, or a robot who cleans?


8- What would you do if you woke up and found aliens standing over your head and staring at you with their big eyes?


9- If there was a guarantee that putting in some effort will lead you to achieve your dream, would you do it?

10- What would you do if you woke up as a playboy mansion at the Hugh Hefner mansion?


11- If your life was a musical, what would it be called?


12- What would you do if you woke up next to Zac Efron?


13- You were approached by reality television, whereas they want to do a reality tv show based on your life, would you agree?


14- What would you tell your younger self in only 3 words?


15- You somehow have an endless amount of Pizza and you can’t get rid of it, what would you do?


16- If you could be any Disney character who would you be and why?


17- If you could create a new planet in our solar system, what would it be like and what would you call it?


18- Would you rather be small as a pea or large as a giant?


19- Would you sell your friends for one Billion dollars?


20- Who would you rather have as a maid: Cinderella or Snow White?


Fun Hypothetical Questions


1- If you were incarnated into a plant, what plant would you be?


2- What would you do if you found out that you have a twin on the other side of the world?


3- You will be paid $30,000 just to sit in a cage and act like an animal in the Zoo for one week. Would you take the job?


4- What would you do if you found out that your spouse has another family in a faraway town?


5- Your boss is offering an all-inclusive Paris trip for the employee who feeds him raspberries and attends to his every need. Would you be that someone?


6- Your friend asks you to take care of her pet while she’s traveling, you take the deal but find out that her pet is a big fat snake. What would you do?


7- You’ve been dying to go to Taylor Swift’s concert. Your mom has backstage tickets but she won’t give you the tickets unless you babysit your grandma for a whole month including day and night. Would you do it?


8- You are walking alone in the woods, and you find a cabin that has two doors: One door could win you all the money in the world, the second door could put a bad spell on you for life, and you don’t know which door is which. Would you take the risk?


9- You woke up and found yourself back in time in an era where they sell slaves. You are a slave in a cage; what would you do to escape?


10- You’re in a casino, and you’re playing Blackjack. Would you walk away with a total winning of $10,000 or would you accept a bet that would triple that money, but there is a slight possibility of losing? 


11- What would you make illegal?


12- Would you give up on alcohol for good or would you give up on coffee?


13- If you could choose the historic era in which you were born, what era would you rather live in?


14- If you could have a cabin anywhere in the world, where would it be?


15- Would you date a 90-year-old woman for 25 years just to get her money when she dies? 


16- A genie comes to you and gives you two options: The first option, you will be granted one million dollars. The second option, one million dollars will be granted to kids in need. Which option would you take?


17- You’re at a party, and suddenly everyone looks mad because your texts of gossiping about them are played on a screen. What would you do?


18- What would your powers be if you were an evil villain?


19- A psychologist offers to help you get rid of one fear you have. What would that fear be?


20- You are given one million dollars to abandon your life, including your family, and start somewhere new. Would you take the offer?


Random Hypothetical Questions

1- You are given a special fridge that generates endless amounts of your favorite food, but the food will always have a top layer of bird poop. Would you take the gift and scrape this layer? 


2- Would you still work if you don’t need the money?


3- A genie wants to give you one talent. What would that talent be?


4- What fast-food chain would you want to own?


5- You were offered $10,000 to act like a complete freak in your office’s elevator for one month. Would you do it?


6- Would you give up electricity or would you give up Wi-Fi?


7- If aliens invade the earth, and you are asked to sacrifice one human being or else aliens would take over the earth. Who would you sacrifice?


8- You now live in a parallel universe: Your dog is now your master. Would you obey it or get rid of it?


9- What would you do if the walls started talking and they would give you nasty comments all day long?


10- Aliens invaded the earth and decided that humans and monkeys are one species and they should be put in a cage together. How would you live as a monkey?


11- Would you live in a tree-house or a boat?


12- You are now a fruit in a tree, how would you prevent people from picking you?


13- Your friend is dying, and the only way to save your friend is to lock yourself up in a mental institution with a patient for a week. Would you do it to save your friend’s life?


14- If the love of your life suddenly gets in a car accident and their face is corrupted so that they have to get a face transplant. They come back to you with a monkey face, would you still love them?


15- You were in a wax museum, and suddenly one of the figures came alive. Who would you want that figure to be?


16- The man of your dreams shows up at your door; he’s funny, smart, loyal, and extremely handsome. However, he doesn’t want you to ever leave the house unless it was with him. Would you marry him?


17- You are stuck on a roller coaster and the kid next to you won’t stop farting. What would you do?


18- You were in an elevator with many people and suddenly it stops, and someone sends you a message saying that the only way you get out is by acting like a cat, but the deal is off if anyone else knows about this. Would you act like a cat?


19- What would you do if you found out that your spouse is secretly a clown?


20- If you could get away with murdering a person who hurt you. Would you do it?


21- A genie offers to give you only one: An abundance of cash or abundance of love. Which one would you pick?